Luminous 1050va UPS Inverter

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Product: Luminous 1050va UPS Inverter

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• A Best UPS Inverter
• Micro controller based design
• Free Pre-loaded battery management software.
• SMD Technology for reliable and compact design
• Battery charging commences even at as low as 120 Volt Mains voltage
• Auto holiday mode preserves battery charge while you are away from home Intelligent thermal management
• Visual Indicators: Mains On, UPS On, Switch Status, Smart Charge, Overload/ Short Circuit Trip, Charger Fuse Blown, Battery Low Trip and No Load Shutdown


• Audio Alarms: Mains Fail, Fuse Fail, Battery Low Pre-alarm, Overload Trip, Battery Low Trip and No Load Shutdown
• Ensures faster battery charging
• Advanced battery management, which enhances battery life up to 70%
• Negligible battery-water loss
• Intelligent continuous charging profile adjustment
• Overload with Auto Reset
• Battery Deep Discharge Protection with Reset Option
• Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection
• Battery Reverse Polarity Protection


Specifications of Eco Watt UPS 1050VA / 12V

Options A B C D
Computer 1 1
TV 1 1
Tubelight 4 4 2
CFL 5 45 6 2
Fan 2 4 1

Note : Indicative value only, Actual Calculation Depends on Manufactures specification. CFL of 5W, TV of 14”-21”, Fan of 80W & Laptop of 80W

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