Polar 6 L Instahot Gas Geyser

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• Product: Polar 6 L Instahot Gas Geyser

• Type: Gas

• Product Dimension (L x W x H): 32 cm x 18 cm x 55 cm

• Capacity: 6 L

• Material: Stainless Steel; Color: White

• Warranty: 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty on Tank, Warranty on Heating Element

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POLAR 6 LTR INSTAHOT METAL GAS WATER HEATERS WHITE A combination of features, style and utility, the POLAR water heater is an excellent choice. The POLAR geyser is small in size and has a unique and compact design that will not take up a lot of space in your bathroom. This geyser can be installed in the master bathroom, in the children’s bathroom and even in the guest bathroom. A storage water heater like this one not only provides you with hot water at your fingertips, but also is quite easy to install and use. This quality heating appliance looks good too and it will complement the interiors of any modern bathroom.

Authorised Dealer:  Polar India – Rajdeepak Distributors Indore


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