Bajaj MX20 Steam Iron Majesty

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Product: Bajaj MX20 Steam Iron Majesty

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This Bajaj MX 20 steam iron uses 1200watts of power for quick heating and efficient performance. Ironing curtains and clothes is now easier with the unique vertical steaming and ironing feature on this 1200watt steam iron. To remove creases from tricky areas like seams and buttons, you can fill in the 140ml water tank and spray water evenly over the area. This flattens out creases and wrinkles easily. In the event of excess power supply, the thermal safety feature disconnects this appliance from the main power port, preventing short circuits.

Color:  White Blue



• Non Stick coated sole plate for easy glide

• Super clean surface finish with pleasant aesthetics

• 19 steam vents for uniform steam distribution

• Variable Steam output to cater different types clothes

• Vertical Ironing to cater to hanging clothes/curtains

• Powerful burst of steam for tough creases

• Water Spray facility for stubborn creases

• Light weight, cool touch body with comfortable rubber grip

• Self cleaning facility for a longer life

• 140 ml water tank

• 360° Swivel cord

• 140 ml water tank

• Safety Plus: Thermal Fuse

• Approved by BIS (ISI Marked)

• 2 years Warranty

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