Bajaj DX2 600w Iron

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Product: Bajaj DX2 600w Iron

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• Non-stick coated sole plate

• Super clean surface finish

• Extra lift at the back for easy gliding on clothes

• Cool touch handle with comfortable grip

• 180 degree swivel cord

• Warranty: 2 years on product

• Power: 600 watts

• Operating voltage: 230 volts


Ironing is no more a tedious job with this dry iron from Bajaj. Equipped with this iron, you don’t need to worry about wrinkled clothes, as it will smoothen them out and make them look crisp in no time.

Unlike other irons, this one is lightweight for ease of convenience for you while using it. Even if you have a lot of clothes to iron, your hand will not pain from the weight of this iron as it is lightweight.

Non-stick coated soleplate
The soleplate features a non-stick coating to prevent clothes from sticking onto it.

Adjustable thermostat control
The thermostat control will help you set the temperature level according to different types of fabric.

Swivel cord
The swivel cord offers convenience in moving the iron over the clothes without any discomfort.

Thermal fuse
It automatically disconnects the power to the heating element when any electrical malfunction occurs. This prevents the temperature from rising which might result in a short circuit.

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