Bajaj 1 Ltr Platini Geyser

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Product: Bajaj 1 Ltr Platini Geyser

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• Product Type: Instant

• Outer Body Material: Plastic

• Inner body material: Stainless Steel

• Star Rating: 4 Star • Thermostat/ Combistat: Yes

• Power Consumption: 3000 W

• Warranty: 2 Years on Product / 5 Years on Tank


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A warm shower at the end of a long hard day is extremely rejuvenating. With an appliance like Bajaj Platini Geyser, you can now take a warm shower whenever you please, without any hassles. Warming the water using an immersion heater or a gas stove is time consuming and can cause accidents. However, with this geyser, you can directly get warm water from a tap without having to wait over a stove or carry a bucket with an immersion rod. This geyser has a capacity of 1 litre and consumes very little power. It has a scratch-resistant outer body made of plastic, a rust-proof stainless steel inner body and is extremely energy saving.


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